Failure…the Inevitable

Hello world…or anyone who cares enough to read this post and future posts to come. My first blog post I figured I’d write about is failure and disappointment. We have all been there (some more than others) but regardless I figured I could possibly shed some light on how to remain hopeful and optimistic, even when it seems the world is against you. After I graduated from University I thought that the jobs would come easy as long as I did the bare minimum of what I had to be qualified for. I came to find out that trying to get yourself out there in a particular field with a degree and barely two years experience doesn’t get you far unless you’ve been doing it for 5+ years. I found it daunting and quite frankly tiring. I kept asking myself ‘what did I do to deserve this’ or ‘what do I have to change about myself to be liked’ and other self defeating questions to myself. This post however isn’t just about the failure one may come across with job hunting or work in general but also with our dreams. I was so proud and happy of myself when I released my debut novel last year, but the truth is, I just wasn’t satisfied with the final product. This time around I found an editor who cares, and I know a few agents to contact who slightly already know me. I wanted to do this the “smart” way of getting my work out there. This I know will inevitably lead me to getting a book contract (because that is the role of a literary agent). Currently, I am getting my second book revised by my editor and I continue to job hunt in order to find the right one for both me and my finances. So I urge and encourage all of you to continue and carry on because I promise you all that you will get that job, you will accomplish your dreams, you will get him/her/them to talk to you, whatever it is you want, allow yourself to accept the failure, then learn and apply it in order to do better the next time and achieve your end result.



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