Being a Writer in a Big City.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is to discuss the progress of my writing career over the next (however long I keep up this website). I began my writing career on November 23, 2016, because that was the day my debut book was released.

One of the reasons I want to track my progression is to make sure I follow through on all the steps taken the second time around. With Weird People, I wanted to just put it out there in the universe so badly that I overlooked the careless editing a Publishing Co. did as well as I was tired of all the chasing I did to get rejections from Publishing Companies I wanted to work with. With my current work, The Elements, I want to do everything the proper way this time. I currently have an editor revising it, and once she has finished and we discuss what needed/needs change, then I will type out a query letter to an agent I have previously spoken with last year (who took interest in my current fic). From there the editor will do everything she can to get my work a book deal, which is what I wanted the first time.

I won’t go into too much detail on my writing on this blog post, however I will take any questions that anyone has regarding tips for writers or the things I’ve learned or questions regarding either book of mine. You can email me at or DM me through IG or you can send it in my ask on tumblr at xoxo



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